This is the theme song to the Japanese rock themed radio show Wild Zero Radio which ran from August 2007 to January 2008 on the Tainted Reality Radio Network. It was cohosted by Aaron “Da Crank” Glickman and myself.

Production Notes

Brian Stewart photo


I took the name Wild Zero Radio from this cool ass Japanese zombie movie starring Japanese guitar rock heroes Guitar Wolf. The song starts with the keys from “Ballad of the Purple Penguin” which was the theme of purple SKY magazine. There was little if any affiliation between the two projects and I hoped that by distorting the keys and plunging the listener headlong into the apocalyptic mire we could get them prepared for something different. I first asked Ying to give me a chugging riff, but then I fell in love with the idea that suddenly things get soft and it’s like the Elysian Fields, the traditional callsign barbershop quartet reading at the end is just the comedic icing on the cake.

Ying Chee photo


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