I normally am not one to judge a book by its cover but RIPD had one ugly ass cover, metaphorically speaking, since it’s a movie. I promised myself I would remain Hollywood serious with WDYTOTM but it only took 7 episodes before I was performing a slow jam. I think I’m incapable at any sort of normalcy and the loon in me eventually just takes over.

This is the first time someone commented on WDYTOTM with a legit beef and I tried my best to respond with civility. I realize that I walk a fine line of celebrating weirdness and ridiculing it. That’s sort of my thing. Still I took offense at the idea that what I do is “find clips and comment on them” or that I’m “only in 20% of the video.” Both statements are true but they belittle the massive amounts of work that go into prepping and shaping the narrative of the show.

It wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t ruffle a few feathers, I suppose.