He’s a Goner

I was digging through my old hard-drive and unearthed some lost song lyrics in need of a song. I wonder what the song sounded like…

He’s a goner.

barelling by went the train on the tracks
inches from my face, I just laughed
nothing left to fear in this world
hope the next one’s still got a few cheap thrills.

all the stars up the in the sky have names
wishes floating in the airless dead of space

I’m full of shit. I’m so full of hope
I want to stay here, to watch you mold
the joyous sound
of breaking bones
an eggshell walk of shame back home

a million years long gone.

a dog howls at the shadows that don’t bark back
macabre puppet shows for those who don’t react

all the places filled in on the map
there’s nowhere left, nowhere just to relax

I’m low on life
get high on death
I’d rather bleed out than live with this
i learned to hate
looking within
but lay the blame on the camera’s lens

look at me now, all of my reasons
laid on the slab for all to see
what an awful, useless person I could be

“he’s a goner”
“pay your respects
wish him good luck
no more regrets
everybody’s got a lonely journey ahead.”

sitting by the river drinking beer,
eyes grow heavy, gonna be a cold year
sitting by the river drinking beer,
throw your arms around me,

it’s not worth the tears.