Sandy, You Bitch

On the way to a productive November a little storm named Sandy came and WRECKED SHIT UP. If I’m not around to scream into the abyss of the internet it’s because for several days I was literally screaming into the abyss. The pitchblack darkness that enveloped an entire chunk of New Jersey and several thousand iPads. I will be back soon with thoughts on REVOLUTION, which now seems like a far more terrifying show, and a long diatribe on Argo. I realize my essays are short and scatterbrained and I’m working on that because I think I have important messages about the future to deliver to the present if only the words will stay stuck to your eyeballs. Also there’s new albums from both Mr. Children and Angelo that for the first time since forever, I have no means to acquire.

Take care, my inu-tachi. Stay safe out there.