1. ghostless

    It really is pretty good, isn’t it.

    though I’m still debating whether I like it as much as “Alright, Still” or not.

    It seems to lack some of the energy and that big personality that makes the first album such a great listen. And it really is like a total 180 from the previous album.

    I’m not sure the lyrics are that great though. As cute as “Fuck You” is with its chipmonk-ish harmonies and as much as I agree with it, it just feels like a frustrated teen wrote an anti-Bush screed or something.

    I miss some of the quirky sampling from the first album, and there is no true ballad that equals the brilliance of Littlest Things. The second half of the album, as nice as it is, kinda starts to get mired in a bit of samey-ness.

    That said overall, it’s a pretty decent listen. Feels kinda like the morning after the party or something. Much more chill and laidback than the first album.

  2. I don’t think either album stands as a work of genius from beginning to end. There are certainly tracks on Alright, Still that grated on me. I especially don’t like the teeny-bopper sounds of “Take What You Take.” For me they sit sort of in the same place even if they are, as you say, at opposite ends of the spectrum.

    A journalist recently called her a “diarist” (presumably one who writes as if she’s writing in a diary) which seems accurate enough, though I would probably say she is a “diarrhist” (one who writes filthy things as if she were writing couplets on a bathroom wall as if it were her diary).

    It all seems to come so easily to her, and her breezy delivery passes over the worst lines with nary a twitch as when she calls Bush “just some racist, who can’t tie my laces.” On paper it’s a terrible line but she makes it work in the song. I can’t decide if she’s in on the joke, and then I can’t decide if I care if she’s in on the joke.

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