1. I’m really looking forward to Arrows. I hope you translate Present too, since well, it’ll be a suitable present =D

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I really appreciate what you’ve been doing ^^

  2. juunigatsu02

    hey! wow thanks so much for your translations. I read them here:- http://ijahlovesmrchildren.wordpress.com

    I think you did a really, really wonderful job on catching and translating the essence of “tomorrow never knows”! can I just ask a question?


    is it possible to see this in another light?
    that a boy passing by is carrying a burden similar to his immature dream


  3. I think the key to this line is that Sakurai is lamenting his innocence lost which is partially the theme of the song. The boy is supposed to be a stinging reminder of how he once had these naive dreams and then in the next lines he tells us how the real pursuit of those dreams came with a heavy price tag (i.e. betraying a friend) That’s how we see it.

  4. kirei*na!

    Where’s my Present? Though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I want the rest of my orbital chickens, whoops… bumpy period, err… Bump of Chicken’s “orbital period” lyrics translations!!

    You’ve done a reaaally good job translating some of them, though. hontou ni, hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita na… I’ve been relying on your work ever since the Centigrade-J era, you know.

  5. Arrows is up. Sorry for the belated Xmas present. I give permission for Bump to release a new song now… any time now. Come on Bumpy.

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