1. Dude, this is awesome!

    I started visiting this site because of your Bump Of Chicken translations, which no one ever seems to do. It’s great to have the rest of the translations back up too.

    I’m really looking forward to the remaining translations of Orbital Period (^.^)b

  2. Holy guacamole, Batman! You’ve been way busy. I can’t wait to take the time to peruse all the new stuff, which I’m sure will be amusing and fun. Oh, and just to warn you, I’m gonna put a note in my blog on myspace about the Cent-J translations going back up. People are going to flood you with love for doing that!

  3. Victoria

    Woo, and the Cent-j features are there. You guys inspired me way back then. *tear* I’m glad I got to work with you.

    Can we download the mp3s instead of just streaming them? Or can we at least bribe you for them via email?

  4. Holy crap. NICE!

    I was also here thanks for your Bump of Chicken’s translation, so it’s great to find all the archives on it’s full glory. Cheers!

  5. Man, I’ve been -so- busy that I just got around to reading this entry. No more faraway vacations for me for a while. I’m spending all of my days off for the rest of the year in my own little 12 x 20 space. Provided my landlady gets the heat in here fixed.

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