Who’s That Girl?


 It’s me! OK, let me explain.

I was going through a box of old things and I came across an old print out from an amusement machine called “Cinderella Magic” made by Japanese software manufacturer TAITO. As you can see it “magically” projected what I would look like had I been a girl (and born in a dimension of cheap-looking, pixelized computer graphics.) Apparently, I would look like jail bait. And I would wear so much makeup my ears and neck would be a different color from my face. Kidding aside, I’m a cutie-pie.

The really entertaining part wasn’t even the gender bender visual it was the description of what kind of girl I would have been based on my face.

If you had been a female you would have been the type of whipsmart, gifted girl that seems hard to approach. You would have always looked at men with a no-nonsense intensity, and you would have had them bending to your whims with a glance over the rims of your glasses. You would be the type of woman other women look up to. (And here’s my favorite part) Just be careful of Mama’s Boys who would try and treat you like a queen/matron.    

Don’tchu wish your girlfriend was hot like me?I promise never to mention this again.


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