1. Very good points. I stopped reading the overwhelmingly good review sites for basically these reasons.

    Sadly, this same plague is in the game review industry as well.

  2. It’s funny, I wrote “we” like I still consider myself a critic but the truth is that even when I’m being critical of something (such as Fall TV shows) I’m not wearing my critic hat on this blog. If I should decide to do a real review it will be formatted as such.

    Until then I’m just throwing popcorn at the screen like everyone else. I think people run into trouble when they don’t make that distinction.

    On the subject of games, I find Penny Arcade’s cryptic deeply personalized “reviews” more helpful than something exhaustive (and usually 3 pages too long) like IGN.

    Also I want to disown the word “biased” which has become internet-speak for “an opinion different to your own”

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