1. I hadn’t read Megchan’s version of this song when I did the translation, but I checked it out afterwards. There are some choices which I disagree with and a few places I liked better. Translating “nichijou” as ordinary and sasaina ikigai as “small things I care about/live for” are both nice choices but for me personally it came down to the line “tashika na ikigai.” To me this line reads “that what you are doing you were meant to do.” We each have our roles to play no matter how insignificant they may seem. I’m not sure there’s much value in me tackling more of HOME since Megchan seems to have put it to bed already.

  2. Id

    Wow. Sakurai really speaks to us peons huh? I’m always amazed by the things this guy sings about, especially that song about the condom 🙂

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