1. Jamie

    I’d say that it must be about death. What I’m trying to figure out is if it is about an accidental death, or a suicide. There are a few things in there that make me wonder.

    I’m so glad you put up your translation [thank you!]. I’m not surprised the theme seems to be like this…even without understanding the lyrics, I always seem drawn to these types of songs.

  2. My wife heard the melody and she made this scrunched up face like, “what the hell pop crap are you listening to?” and I assured her that if we listened to the lyrics it’d redeem itself. I knew Kirito would take a happy go lucky song and make it about death.

    It’s such a gentle sounding death in the song. Maybe about having an illness for a long time and then finally getting peace? Old age? There’s not a lot to go on, but my guess would be someone that has known for a while that they are going to die.

  3. Yay! Thanks for the translation! I’m so glad I found your site – I was searching for Centigrade-J the other day but alas… I have Angelo playing right now and am demanding, er, I mean, asking that my husband stock up on CDs for me while he’s in Tokyo this week.

  4. Jamie

    I thought about illness…but it also seems to have an unexpected feeling to it…with the mention of closing eyes. Of course illness could take someone without them expecting it, but it seems more like something the person hasn’t thought about…that he is, in that moment, realizing how gentle death can be if he simply goes with it. I also get the feeling that the kiss isn’t happening at that moment, but is a memory, though I don’t have anything to back it up…it’s just a feeling.

    Kirito is great at doing that, I think. I also think that this is my favourite Angelo song so far, not just because of the melody, but because of the way the music really seems to come together on this song. I finally feel like they’ve discovered who they are as Angelo [though the feeling started with the freak show]. The lyrics only make me love it more, even if I’m not certain of the exact meaning behind them.

    I enjoy getting different views on the meaning of lyrics, because sometimes I discover things in lyrics that I would not have noticed. Or, I get to think about lyrics in a completely different way!

  5. Sarah

    I googled you because someone didn’t know who you were (savages, I tells ya), and I discovered there’s a little boy actor named Boo Boo Stewart. Is that your illegitimate son or the product of some woman idolizing you so much, she had to name her son after your booness?

  6. Nice find. This kid seems to be fairly new. How infuriating. Sufferin’ Succotash, now what should I call myself? Can there be two boo(s)? Or in this case, three??

  7. Teri

    I actually start to wonder… if these ideas are really in the air, because not long before hearing Chaotic Bell I myself wrote something with this kind of feeling, and before that there was the song of Diorama in my player, and the feeling is all the same… I really start to wonder.
    And I also think it is about death, but I feel it is a kind of… prayed-for death, something, that was long asked for and now when it comes it’s still a pain to feel.
    (Looks like I can’t word my thoughts properly today… lack of sleep is a disaster!)

  8. The suicide idea is interesting. If you take the line “passing scenery” literally as “scrolling past (as you fall to your death)” it makes sense why you would need to put a hand to your pained heart to steady your resolve. It’s possible to take it in a less literal way though, in that the world always go around and Kirito has used this idea of passing scenery to suggest the forward momentum of life which stops when you die. In that case it would be relief to stop the pain of a wounded heart.

  9. Kat

    Wow. I love these lyrics. When I read them I thought of someone in a hospital who is expecting to die. He has someone by his bedside that is kissing him goodbye and hears mentions hearing a bell – twice. That chaotic bell might be the alarm-like bell that goes off when someone’s heart monitor starts to flatline. I dunno, but it seemed to make sense to me.

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