1. Sarah

    It’s not fun when it’s a WOMAN dressed like that. It’s not even fun when it’s a MAN dressed like that. It’s only fun when a TMR dons the electrical tape on a platform in the middle of some impossible expanse.

  2. Id

    Oh My God. It’s Boo. Good God man, am I ten billion percent happy to see that you live on in some form or another on the interweb. I was seriously heartbroken when centigrade-j no longer loaded in my browser only to google it today and find a link leading here. Seriously, this has made my day!

  3. Sarah – … in the middle of a class five hurricane locally situated on his hair.

    Id – Centigrade-j lives on. In our hearts. And a secret link from this webpage, and one day its own section. Glad to have you back.

  4. Id

    Awesome, great to hear. It was such an incredible archive of translated work you and Takako compiled that it would be a serious waste for it not to exist in some shape or form for fans to refer to when needed. Oh, and who can forget the hilariously awesome anecdotes from when you lived in Japan? And lastly, rotating gyroscopic arms haha. That was great stuff. I’ll be reading up here until then.

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