Misery Business

Sorry to have gone all silent on y’all. I swear I’m as vivacious, audacious and pugnacious as I ever was. I’ve just had these and many other adjectives employed in battling, the aforementioned miserable neck issues, crippling Spring allergies and the invading demon forces of myhtological Japan in Capcom’s masterpiece Wii port Okami! Maybe I’m allergic to not playing Okami.  

Aside from that, I’ll have some updates rolling out in the very near soonish. For one thing, Yochien Ronin, the much discussed seldom seen musical project that ying and I keep pouring the hours into for some reason or another (international superstardom?,)  is moving into the all important release mode as summer nears.

The MySpace page is due for an overhaul and a significant update. If all the stars align, we’re looking at June. If not, then bootember or possibly boopril. Which ever falls first. 

Ying got me into this band called Paramore. Fronted by a red haired woman-child by the name of Haley Williams. I take it all you youtube savvy kids already lived through the buzz on this one. After many a listen I have to say that I have only come to like the band more and not less. As if there might be things to glean from further exploration. This is all probably part of my seasonal Spring gleaning.

Though Haley looks like the child-bride of a polygamist, her voice is deceptively full and her control over it is inspiring.

 And now I’m rambling so I bid you adieu. Hopefully to share more significant developments now that the horse has taken me back and forgivien me my trespasses. Yeehaw.


  1. I only heard the one song with the catchy hook from Superfly. I know it goes against all logic but the name of the band turned me off to such an extent that I couldn’t bring myself to delve further. Upon your recommendation I will brave the deeper.

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