Procrastination is an art. And I am Van Gogh. Ear-lopping off goodness and all.

The best way to procrastinate is to repeat this mantra: Just one more game. Just one more website. Just one more e-mail. Just one more… nail in the coffin.

The best way to not procrastinate is total sensory deprivation.

 To deprive is to thrive.

That being said, I have restarted work on a script I intend  to enter into the Final Draft script writing contest. I have kept quiet about this latest project because I tend to NOT to do a thing when I blab about it to friends and neighbors.  As if speaking of it offers me enough closure that I can go back to my darling Wii to waggle once more -guilt free.

The fact is, I now see that I am incapable of functioning as the appendage of a system. I am the heart or nothing at all.

In nearly all circumstances writing a blog entry about procrastination would be the gravest offense of it, but I am currently working under extraordinary circumstances which offer me no other productive options.

I will have more details on the three projects I am juggling soon.