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    I agree with this article 100%

    Yo hitoto was a great artist when she released both “Morai Naki” & her debut album “TSUKITENSHIN”…..I think that she should’ve stuck to that sound of music but I feel as though when she released “Hanamizuki” as a single she thought ballad songs were mainly what attracted her fans…performing the song endless amounts of time made people forget about any other songs she sang….

    For example “Kazaguruma”, “Tadaima”, “Ai to makoto no fantajia”,”unto shiawase”, “nennensaisai”, and many other songs of hers were very good but she continuously settles for Hanamizuki instead and also she settles for the weirdest melodies for her music now….sad to say but after 2010 Yo hitoto really destroyed her own career…

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