1. i apologize for asking (people must be asking and asking) but… where are the translations? When centigrade-j finally went down i was absolutely devastated… but then i somehow found this site, and i had the translations again! for about 2 months T___T now they’re gone again!

    it was due to your extensive Mr. Children translations that i became one of their greatest (non-japanese!) fans, but now they’re gone! i started listening to a new-old song, and i want to know what it’s about T___T please put them back up!

    happy you’re online again! ^^

  2. Jumaro

    yeah, sorry if I have to ask the same question, but it’s the same about me!
    I have always been happy to visit centigrade-j and now its gone! and all the great lyrics with it! T__T
    I loved to listen to Mr. Childrens songs and reading your tranlations while that… so pleaaase… would you offer them to us?
    hoping for a soon positve reaction and sending lots of greetings from Germany!

  3. midori

    When I watched Koizora Movie, its already attracted me with the beautiful theme song from Mr Children coz I really love them. As much as I love to listen to Shirushi, I tried to find the title itself coz it was written in Japanese & luckily I found in website. But now I tried to find the lyrics & translations & I’m glad that I found yours. One question..what is actually tabidachi no uta? Is it Song of the Journey?

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