1. miscellany

    Thanks so much for the translation! Now I can enjoy the story in its entirety 😀

  2. Alex

    Fantastic translation! I just got this CD and the first thing I wanted to know was the story in the booklet. Thank you so much for making this available.

  3. xin

    To Mr. Brian,
    glad that I can still find your translation on-line. i used to “take” your translation from centigrade-j site!
    your translation take me to understand the greatness of bump of chicken’s work! i also picked-up many glay translation you did.
    thx,, and don’t stop translating, coz I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of ppl out there enjoy your translation!! =)

  4. ayen

    superb translations … as expected from Mr. Stewart ^_^ … i used to read all your translations from centigrade-j … what i like the most about your work are the translator’s notes ^_^ … it helped me alot in understanding or should i say learning japanese language … i was wondering what happened to all your previous translations?

  5. I’ve got this CD as a gift from my girlfriend from her last trip to Japan, and instantly fell in love with Motoo Fujiwara’s drawings, and the fairytale-like nature of the book…
    by the time I’m writing this, I’m listening to the CD as I read your translation, since I only know one or two things in japanese, and my GF, even if she knows more than me, couldn’t make it through the first pages since she didn’t recognize some of the kanji…

    so, thanks in advance for your work doing this, even if I got here 7 years after the original blog entry

    • It’s like a seed I planted 7 years ago is now a tree providing someone shade on a sunny day. That thought makes me happy. I’m glad you enjoyed the translation and I’m pleased to hear that new people outside of Japan are discovering Bump of Chicken. They’re one of my favorites. Your girlfriend is a keeper.

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