interviews: with people is a man-on-the-street TV show/segment I write, produce, edit and host that airs daily all over New Jersey on Cablevision Local Programming’s LO channel. Each episode is shot at three locations (excepting specials.) This episode’s question is: Do you have any tattoos?

Production Notes

Brian Stewart photo

I was down at Pier A Park with my shooter, Dana, and I was homing in on anyone with a tattoo. So I see this crusty old guy with wallpaper and nod furtively to D to follow me in. The guy was wearing pink plastic little girl sunglasses, how dangerous could he be? The answer: VERY. It turns out that Don just got done serving a sentence for quintuple murder and he had the state prison tattoos and aryan brotherhood marks to prove it. Out of respect for the dead, I erased my interview but I have to say, once the initial fear subsided, all I felt was a great sadness. Not really IWP material.