interviews: with people is a man-on-the-street TV show/segment I write, produce, edit and host that airs daily all over New Jersey on Cablevision Local Programming’s LO channel. Each episode is shot at three locations (excepting specials.) This episode’s question is: Have you ever been seriously injured?

Production Notes

Brian Stewart photo

I actually have been seriously injured. I fell as a child and cut my head on a rock outcropping while playing in the snow alone at the bottom of a slippery hill. Try as I might I could not escape back to the safety of my house. As the warm blood trickled down my frozen face, I looked up to the heavens and cursed the name of the cruel god who would abandon me in this desolate icy hell and then I fell to my knees and waited for the earth to take me into her cold embrace. I was five. The Longhorn Oxen thing never happened.