interviews: with people is a man-on-the-street TV show/segment I write, produce, edit and host that airs daily all over New Jersey on Cablevision Local Programming’s LO channel. This was a special report made for Halloween. The idea was to let people know what the hot costumes were but things never quite panned out that way so instead it became wall to wall silliness.

Production Notes

Brian Stewart photo

Honestly, I felt more comfortable in the Alice and Wonderland costume than I did in the Spiderman one. That particularly Spiderman costume was like an S&M gimp suit with gloves sewn into the body and a lock on hood. It was really uncomfortable. Gina and Kevin were both great sports for playing along. This video is just proof that everyone just needs a little push into crazy. One thing that got cut from this was when I asked Lou Ferrigno there which of us, Kevin or I, he would take home after a night of drinking. I am proud to say he chose me without hesitation… although who wouldn’t. Three beer Alice is a hottie.