A short promotional video for Japanese rock band The Captains shot during an in-store performance at Sound Fix in Brooklyn. The Captains are Kizuhiko (Vo), Hizashi (Gu), Ted (Ba), Yosuke (Dr). Special Thanks to Eric Bresler of Tokyo no Records who appears as himself. For more information about The Captains please visit The Captains Official Myspace Page

Production Notes

Brian Stewart photo

This was one of the earliest videos I worked on. The equipment was non-ideal and the lighting non-existent but I still like the way it turned out thanks in no small part to the overwhelming charm of The Captains. I originally conceived this as added web content for purple sky’s website in what was meant to be a series but unfortunately persistent sound issues prevented this from happening at the time. The idea of doing a pseudo dating show with Francis was mine and I’m just so pleased that The Captains rolled with it.

Nick Dapito photo

Nick Dapito
My first non-classroom related “adventure” with Brian. I’ll agree with the non ideal equipment, but I couldn’t offer a better suggestion, plus they (the camera & mic) were free for us to use. This was also my first time in Brooklyn, as well as my introduction to “Group Sounds,” the ever dashing Eric Bresler, and ultimately, the Captains. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t figure out the cause of audio problems, but I’ve filed it under the “Maybe when I’ve got some free time I’ll re-edit that on a normal editing system” folder in my brain, so in 10 years or so we’ll have a more functional interview with the Captains.