Recorded in one day in a studio/practice space in Union City, NJ. This pop punk song was written in lieu of a best man’s speech for the wedding of Donald and Ying Monson. The drums are digital.

Production Notes

Brian Stewart photo


At one time this song was called “chocolate” and was a power ballad. Then I spent three straight days listening to Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Thing CD and it was reborn as a pop punk anthem. This song really came together when I was watching TV and they were talking about the history of pico de gallo. I just loved the nonsense of its meaning. Love is a frequency that needs to pick up chattering and nonsense from time to time.

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I like clouds

I like kittens

I don’t like to clean the kitchen

fluffy things are neat (yeah)

unless they’re growing on the meat.

I like Sunday

I like breezes

beaches without bad teenagers

everything is right

let’s nest here for a life

and I said

you’re all the good shit I need

wrapped up in one

wrapped up in one



every little thing that you do drives me loco



from now on I only wanna order from your menu



I never get enough of your pico-de-gallo



ooo… that means rooster’s beak.

I like ogres
I like wizards
can’t we all just play together
one ring to rule them all
it’s in your coffee mug at my house

I like numbers
I like reason
logic puzzles for all seasons
help me stack the blocks
for a lego constructed heart

and I said
you’re all the good shit I need
wrapped up in one
wrapped up in one



and oh I can’t speak.
you’re too spicy.

but just right for me!