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Retired Projects

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Yochien Ronin

This is a musical project between virtuoso musician Ying Chee and myself. We make anything goes rock with a jrock/pop twist. We’re currently looking for members to form a full-on band, so if you’re interested contact us through our MySpace.

F is for Film banner

F is for Film

At the end of the internet, we have the final word. Creators Brian Stewart and Zack Wozniak’s cracked take on the movie discussion show, featuring low budget, high comedy skits goofing on movies both current and past. If you’ve ever wanted to bitch slap the blogosphere, we will be your surrogate.

F is for Film banner


A serial novel about a zombie obsessed girl who is convinced that the zombie apocalypse will go down on her 17th birthday.


A semi-autobiographical retelling of several episodes that happened to me when I lived in Japan as a foreigner. The first three shorts which are taken from an abbreviated trip I made to Shikoku to visit a friend as a primer to my study abroad two years later, would either be standalone or a “prequel” to a larger series. If expanded this series would tell the over-arcing story of how I met and won the heart of my wife during my time studying at a Japanese university which just happens to be filled with loads of real and embellished melodrama.

Click on the above link to read the script for the first short.

T-Shirts by Takako

My wife and I are collaborating on a number of cute/weird T-shirt designs. All of which are available through our store at

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Centigrade J


Once beloved home to a vast catalogue of translations by me and my wife Takako as well as articles and reviews from the Cent-j crew. Back by popular demand.

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purple SKY Magazine

2006-2008, 7 total issues.

The first English language Jrock quarterly, once available in major bookstore chains and Hot Topic. Large size, glossy covers, high quality paper, original photos and art. Still the high water mark in Jrock journalism. Definitive interviews with Kirito, Kisaki , LM.C, Miyavi, High & Mighty Color, Balzac and other stars of the industry.

Wild Zero Radio banner

Wild Zero Radio


My Jrock radio show with Aaron “da crank” Glickman (and guest stars Kathy Chee & Leisl Schrader) which ran on the Tainted Reality Radio Network. Currently on hiatus.