Well, that blows.

'Sup net peeps. This is Poe from Brian's screenplay "The Dog Next Door." The not-semi finalist for best original screenplay in Final Cut's 2011 Big Break contest. Bummer, dude. Anyway, he's off being all emo in a sunless corner of his office so I'm taking over his blog. Check this shit out. [But wait, there’s more!]

Bioillogical Wonder

Allow me to sum up my feelings upon beholding my new born daughter, Maya Ariel, in the hospital. Bioillogical Wonder It was biological And yet, bioillogical. Enough mountain dew to fill a pool And blindness tempted three times daily Should have killed any chance I had To behold her [But wait, there’s more!]


Now that the first draft is done, and before I embark on the labor intensive cleanup session, it's time to start thinking of a logline. The logline is what unproven screenwriters use to get the attention of the producers, producer's assistants and interns off their mojitos and back on the thing they [But wait, there’s more!]

Home Stretch

It's been a week and the clock is ticking. The first draft currently sits at about 85% completion and 100 pages. I just wrote the climactic scene in the story within a story that, in my mind, is like something out of Hannibal... but with dogs. Actually it's just the third act break of the story [But wait, there’s more!]

The Dog Next Door

My friend Victoria brought it to my attention that I have yet to write anything about the actual contents of the screenplay I'm writing. this is just the kind of thing that I'm apt to forget. I know what kind of screenplay I'm writing so I just assume you do too. As the great bards of Siam Shade [But wait, there’s more!]