Zombie Aporkalypse

Is the government covering up a vast zombie apocalypse conspiracy? Is a local NJ survival traning course actually an Umbrella recruitment center? Won’t someone think of the poor zombies!? Find your answers and more in this video I produced.

If ever there is a stuck (or cut) pig, you know who not to call now. Give me something with paper thin skin any day.

Overall I’d have to say it was a pretty bitchin’ day and I got to add a shit ton of firearms to my list of “I feel comfortable shooting something with that” guns. Not that I would harm anything that wasn’t trying to scarf my brains.

Anyway if you’re in NJ, you gotta check them out. Any German Inus out there, lemme know if you saw me acting like a zombie with some blonde German TV host on Germany’s own ARD. I made a total dummkopf of myself in the very best way.

Zombie Survival Course

1000 Pies Part Deux and… Twat?

The pie in the face madness continues… or continued. Rhi fell behind in posting them to the website and I wanted to give her views and traffic so I held off posting them here.
Rhi’s in rough shape after having all her teeth pulled and three corrective surgeries hence. Send her some love, fan art, solied undergarments @ http://www.rhicoverasmile.com

Night of a 1000 Pies! (Part 2) from Rhiannon Gregory-Roux on Vimeo.

Night of a Thousand Pies – PART 3 from Rhiannon Gregory-Roux on Vimeo.


I’ve been meaning to put this up forever. It’s vacation footage from 2012 cut to Otsuka Ai’s SMILY.

SMILY FLORIDA from F is for Film on Vimeo.

It’s fun to look back and remember how adorably chubby Maya was as a baby. My nieces, were right on the cusp of teendom too. That scene of them running into the setting sun was heaven-sent.

Maya Goes to Yanticaw Park

We went for a stroll with Maya and it turned into one of the most adorkable videos I’ve ever cut. I used to love this Amuro Namie song when I was a younger man… but it was always missing something. Suffice to say, I’ve fixed it with the addition of Maya.

The Stewarts at Yanticaw Park from F is for Film on Vimeo.

This will be fantastic material to embarrass her with when she’s twenty.

Maya vs. Soap Bubbles

No sooner had I declared Maya an unfeeling automatot than she exploded in glee at the very idea of soap bubbles. I have documented this startling development along with her first real laughter for all to see and hear.

Let’s all pretend Eddie Vedder is singing “Why deny all the bubbles when combined…” that is, if you can understand him at all.

Maya’s First Bubbles from F is for Film on Vimeo.