WDYTOTM – “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”

It’s no secret that I liked the original Twilight film for its fumbling beauty, goofy earnestness and Bella’s dad’s practical expressions of fatherly love.

i.e. Snow tires.

I was willing to give City of Bones a shot but within moments I knew it was a coldly calculated misfire. Rather than taint the pool with my outsider perspective, I let the fangirls out to play. I have to tell you, I was this close to doing this one in nerd girl drag but I didn’t want to detract from the stars of the show.


I dug this movie. I had pretty low expectations going in but I thought it delivered in all ways a movie titled “Kick-Ass” should and honestly, the original had some problems. Like, irredeemably stupid female characters that the sequel, in its wisdom, brushed aside. Not sure this is worthy of a repeat watch but it was fun while it lasted. I liked the focus on ChloĆ« Grace-Moretz’ Hit Girl. Mainly, because I like ChloĆ« Grace-Moretz as an actress. It is odd to say it of a girl, but I sort of find her rakishly charming.


This episode threatened to get political on my face, so I took a detour into Ponyville to wash away the bad. Trouble is… I’m one rainbow colored hair extension away from Bronydom! So even as I’m making fun of dudes preaching the gospel of Twilight Sparkle, that is totally how I sound when one of my friends asks me what it’s about.


I normally am not one to judge a book by its cover but RIPD had one ugly ass cover, metaphorically speaking, since it’s a movie. I promised myself I would remain Hollywood serious with WDYTOTM but it only took 7 episodes before I was performing a slow jam. I think I’m incapable at any sort of normalcy and the loon in me eventually just takes over.

This is the first time someone commented on WDYTOTM with a legit beef and I tried my best to respond with civility. I realize that I walk a fine line of celebrating weirdness and ridiculing it. That’s sort of my thing. Still I took offense at the idea that what I do is “find clips and comment on them” or that I’m “only in 20% of the video.” Both statements are true but they belittle the massive amounts of work that go into prepping and shaping the narrative of the show.

It wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t ruffle a few feathers, I suppose.