IWP Best Of: When, Where, How

As promised here are the airtimes for my Interviews: With People Half Hour Special interviews: with people; perfection in one year – a celebration of the best. I’m sorry that it’s not available outside New Jersey… yet. Give me a year?

(please forgive the video quality – the source I used was compressed multiple times and not deinterlaced. I assure you what airs will be top tier.)

In order to watch this historic event you must be a Cablevision subscriber in the New Jersey area.Or Matamoras, PA for some reason. Please watch and support my campaign to bring the surreal and silly back to cable TV.


BERGEN – Channel 118 – Sept 18, 24 (12PM, 4PM), Sept 19-23 (12PM, 4, 8PM)
MORRIS – Channel 78 – Sept 19, 21, 22 (12PM, 8PM) Sept 20 (8PM)
OAKLAND – Channel 78 – Sept 19-23 (12PM, 8), Sept 24 (12, 8PM)
PATERSON – Channel 78 – Sept 19-23 (12PM)


BAYONNE – Channel 18 – Sept 18 (9:30AM), Sept 19 (9:30AM, 9PM) Sept 20-23 (9:30AM, 9PM, 10:30PM)
ELIZABETH – Channel 18 – Sept 18 (12AM), Sept 19-23 (9:30AM, 2PM, 12AM)
HUDSON – Channel 18 – Sept 19 (9:30AM, 9PM) Sept 20-23 (9AM, 9PM, 10:30)
NEWARK – Channel 18 – Sept 18 (9:30AM, 12AM), Sept 19-23 (9:30, 2PM, 9, 12AM)
HAMILTON – Channel 118 – Sept 18 (3PM, 11PM), Sept 19-23 (3PM, 8:30PM, 11PM)
RARITAN – Channel 118 – Sept 18 (3PM, 11PM), Sept 19-23 (3PM, 8:30, 11)
MONMOUTH – Channel 78 or 118 – Sept 18 (3, 11PM), Sept 19-23 (3PM, 8:30, 11)

Tell your friends!!! Spread the word!

Big love,

-head dog

A Year in the Life of

My show interviews: with people is turning one year old just as I am turning thirty-four. I’m enormously proud of what me and my crew have accomplished in the margins of Cablevision’s more studious body of work. Interviews: with people is to Neighborhood Journal and Meet the Leaders as doodles are to a high schoolers copy of Sense and Sensibility.

In celebration of our longevity, I was given the go ahead to do a thirty minute special which is sort of a “best of plus alpha.” I’ll be posting the times and channels here when I learn more but expect it to air within September.

I have big news regarding the show but I have to wait until the powers that be get their ducks in order. Suffice to say, we about to blow up. Think of this as the calm before the storm and your chance to say, “I knew him when…

…his face was covered in birthday cake.”

Save the Date

Time seems to pass differently for those on the inside of a project and those on the outside. For me, Ronson and F were my afterhours life for two years and I’ve felt they were mostly finished for at least one more year but for anyone I told about the project it probably seems like a lifetime ago. So I have good news, everybody…

The Courtship of Ronson Crumb starring yours booly will finally be premiering on October 7th at the world famous Tribecca Cinemas. We will also be showing the full 22 minute long F is for Film pilot either before or after the film. Unfortunately the event is by invitation only. If you’re my crazy stalker fan, the best way to get an invite is to comment on every single post here at utau-inu.com to, you know, get my attention. Anyway, I’m excited.

Secret Sundays

I like waking up early on a Sunday and beating the birds to the worms and the worms to the dirt. There’s something different about the air. I could never explain the science of it but sound seems to pass through it differently. Everything is clearer. It’s the difference between balanced surround sound and hearing everything come out of two dinky speakers. Perhaps my own physiology plays a part as well. I just seem so much more aware. A bee on a flower. Another bee on an almost identical flower. The way people seem like background art as they bussle about. A plane passes overhead. It seems so far away and yet, paradoxically, at the tip of my fingers. When I step out the door I find the detritus of a Saturday Night world. A handkerchief, a shoulderbag even a shoe. These are secrets that usually only custodians are privy to. The world went right on spinning past these lost items but in about 5 hours, some young girl, with mascara face art is going to wake up and wonder why she’s shorter on one side today. I know the answer and now so do you.

I like to have a mission on days like this. Today I’m going to buy bacon. This is ironic because at the same time I’m thinking that I need to exercise like this more I’m going to eat the fatty bacon like a cannibal pig. I buy “miracle bubbles” at the supermarket. I think back on the simple joy of being a kid, when joy came in a cheap plastic bottle for 37 cents. I want Maya to know that joy. I’ve become really good at blowing bubbles. Maya doesn’t understand it yet. She’s under attack from invisible pests that explode in wetness. We’ll try again later. Or maybe she never will. Takako, 32 years deep, is equally unimpressed.

I look at the magazine section in the supermarket. How does Sarah Jessica Parker get the cover of anything. Does any woman wake up and say, “I want to be Sarah Jessica Parker today!” I’ve been watching Mad Men on Netflix. I can’t help but feel that the ads in these magazines would disappoint Don Draper. I strategize. If someone catches me reading Marie Claire I’ll look at a sexy model and pretend she’s my ex and I’m pining for days gone by. Am I writing this way because Don Draper did in the Season 4 episode, Summer Man? Maybe I am. It doesn’t matter. We should all be a little more honest.

I thought about this on the walk back to the apartment. All the witty things I would write swimming in my head drowning in my head. I wanted to go on Facebook and say the perfect thing. Something bite sized. A crowd pleaser. Maybe, “Secret Sundays rule!”

Appealing to the Masses

Yeah, so I made a commercial for IWP to get people to send us questions. It took me a while to get right. I’m still not convinced it’s “finished” but… it’s airing. So who am I to judge? This is a technique that I first saw used in a documentary called The Kid Stays in The Picture. What you do is “cut out” the subjects in the photo and separate them from the background in photoshop. Then you fill in the background with the clone tool, import everything into After Effects and separate the layers on a 3D plane, blurring the background out to give field of depth. Finally you program the virtual camera to give you that feel of motion. I did the same effect to equally wild results for the F is for Film pilot which is, yes, still a thing. In fact, it’s very much a thing.