Zombie Aporkalypse

Is the government covering up a vast zombie apocalypse conspiracy? Is a local NJ survival traning course actually an Umbrella recruitment center? Won’t someone think of the poor zombies!? Find your answers and more in this video I produced.

If ever there is a stuck (or cut) pig, you know who not to call now. Give me something with paper thin skin any day.

Overall I’d have to say it was a pretty bitchin’ day and I got to add a shit ton of firearms to my list of “I feel comfortable shooting something with that” guns. Not that I would harm anything that wasn’t trying to scarf my brains.

Anyway if you’re in NJ, you gotta check them out. Any German Inus out there, lemme know if you saw me acting like a zombie with some blonde German TV host on Germany’s own ARD. I made a total dummkopf of myself in the very best way.

Zombie Survival Course

IWP Phase One: Complete

IWP is growing up.

Not only has Nick Strang-Wolf become “a regular cast member” but these new episodes from November and December, some of our best and weirdest yet, mark the end of an era. IWP has moved on from its rotation on the electronic community bulletin board and graduated to a place on our flagship news magazine show. That means every two weeks at the end of the program New Jerseyans everywhere can tune in for our latest adventures in the idiot realm and to, presumably see themselves “on the TeeVee!” IWP is now being shot in 16:9 widescreen 24p with a new scenefile that gives it a more cinematic look and feel. There’s a new open, a logo and lower thirds. It’s all a step forward even if I’ll miss some of the ideas we leave behind.

The biggest news of course is that I probably won’t be uploading future episodes here because soon our official Optimum Local website will go live and you’ll be able to watch new episodes as they become available from anywhere in the country. As with anything new, people are fearful and shaking torches at the new day’s dawn so who knows what content will get to the web and when. All I know is, I’m printing out 8 x 10 glossies as we speak and readying myself for “the crush” of adoring fans. Well, not really but I can’t wait till I can share this stuff with a much bigger audience. On to Phase Two!

Shiny New Fall TV Part I

a.k.a. Zooey D owns.

At last the new TV Season is here and the networks are literally dying to win back audiences to their comfortable low channel numbers. So what have they got for us? Dinosaurs. Overly Serious Crime Procedurals at least one of which could be called CSI: Fairytale Forest. Extensions of popular franchises. And of course following deodorant trends, every show must be clearly marketed to dude or chick demographics. I remain steadfastly asexual in this regard.

The first batch of shows I saw are definitely skewing toward the chick side.

Clearly the best thing I will watch this year is Fox’s New Girl.

Not only does it have the adorable She of She & Him in the lead but it’s got Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars in it!

[But wait, there’s more!]