Everything is Love

I’m glad there’s a reasonable man in the White House and sad that there are unreasonable people, well, everywhere else. The thing that baffles me most about all of this is that gay marriage hurts no one and changes nothing. It’s just love. It’s just a nice thing. Why can’t we have nice things in this country?!?

In other news, Tom Gabel of rock band, Against Me, says he’s been a woman all along. Correction, she‘s been a woman all along. I think that deserves a: You go, girl!

Tom or Laura Grace Jane, as she’s soon to be known, has a wife and a two year old daughter. Will this make his wife a lesbian? Will the daughter grow up resenting her “father?”

Those questions don’t mean anything.

They’re just a way for people to look down on someone who is transgendered. If good people love and care for one another, they’ll get by. Better a father who is happy with who she is, than a father who hides it and breeds resentment and self hatred. Love is just love and love is everything. It needs no other labels.

I’m sick of the debate. We’re all headed for the grave, let’s make the most of the time in between and end these pointless crusades.