Angelo – Feather

white feathers fall through the air caught in a rain that rewrites even the future blending together with the tears nowhere left to run, a sad face looks on. the more you hunger for the future you fantasize about the farther away it gets your mind to be shut by the cold wind that blows [But wait, there’s more!]

Björk to the Future: Part I

If you have never heard of Icelandic superstar pixie muffin Björk, you were never alive during the 90s. For all her intrinsic weirdness, Björk's music in the 90s was always a reliable source of fifth dimensional electronic dance floor passion. It saddens me that this generation may only know her as [But wait, there’s more!]

Deer in the Headlights

I don't talk much about the band I fronted while working in Japan from 2002 to 2004. There's not much to say really. We never got out of the clubs, only did a demo for one song and I left my guitarist and bassist in shambles when I quit. Haven't spoken to them since. I thought time would be cruel to [But wait, there’s more!]