It’s happening again… (vague Twin Peaks reference)

After a long period of active inactivity, which is the kind of inactivity where I’m killing myself behind the scenes to get things done but I have nothing yet to show for it, things are, well, happening. Dare I say actively.

We’ve shot all but two scenes for the short horror movie I’m starring in and I’ve heard rumors of a February 2010 premiere (though I feel like a goon calling it a premiere since it’s not a feature.) I’ve never acted in anything that wasn’t just me goofing off before. The experience was… oddly exhilarating. Once you’ve acted a thing, in my case serial killing, you carry it with you ever more. Not in a traumatic way, but the emotions were so real for me that I feel like I really did kill and disembowel those girls. On an emotional level there was no real difference between playing at the act and doing it for real. I felt oddly aggressive and confident coming out of that weekend’s shooting. Actually, the phrase “I am the Bengal Tiger and I will eat your fucking heart” just kept popping into my brain at the strangest times.

I can’t wait till people see this movie because it was a lot of fun to shoot. We have a great cast and crew, and I’m going to miss our shenanigans.

In other news… F is for Film series 2 started.  Episodes for Doubt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Twilight are out now with two more on the way. It’s such a huge leap in production values and yet it still has that “mommy I made this” feel of the first series. Damn it, just go watch these are some of my favorite things that I’ve done ever, and we’ve all worked super hard on them. Please comment on the F website and tell us what you think.