Special Delivery

I always assumed they caught them fresh and delivered them by aquarium truck.

japan eel delivery from F is for Film on Vimeo.

The day they mistake a 0 for an 8 is going to be interesting for some lucky housewife. Hopefully, they’re home within the two day time limit. I thought Dir en grey’s Toguro was an appropriate soundtrack to that.


You know food is good when it’s cooked with a paper fan.


It squirms no more.

I have to say… I prefer to remember them like this. So good.


I’ve been meaning to put this up forever. It’s vacation footage from 2012 cut to Otsuka Ai’s SMILY.

SMILY FLORIDA from F is for Film on Vimeo.

It’s fun to look back and remember how adorably chubby Maya was as a baby. My nieces, were right on the cusp of teendom too. That scene of them running into the setting sun was heaven-sent.