Zombie Aporkalypse

Is the government covering up a vast zombie apocalypse conspiracy? Is a local NJ survival traning course actually an Umbrella recruitment center? Won’t someone think of the poor zombies!? Find your answers and more in this video I produced.

If ever there is a stuck (or cut) pig, you know who not to call now. Give me something with paper thin skin any day.

Overall I’d have to say it was a pretty bitchin’ day and I got to add a shit ton of firearms to my list of “I feel comfortable shooting something with that” guns. Not that I would harm anything that wasn’t trying to scarf my brains.

Anyway if you’re in NJ, you gotta check them out. Any German Inus out there, lemme know if you saw me acting like a zombie with some blonde German TV host on Germany’s own ARD. I made a total dummkopf of myself in the very best way.

Zombie Survival Course