All good things must come to an end. I've enjoyed my time with y'all, inu-tachi. My life is moving on and away from this blog, Japanese rock music translations and any semblance of who I was. I loved writing here for so many years but now, I feel finished with it, with the past. I hope you [But wait, there’s more!]


4:21am. with nowhere to go but up but up but why but when the rug is up and pulled while you're standing waiting for the magic show to start there's no up there's only down low maybe not yet but when you're floating then the ground is gone the magic is done you wake up and you're [But wait, there’s more!]

The Dog of the Day… of Infamy

世界の向こう側の どんな惨劇も モニター越しの悲劇 そんなこの世の終わり Atrocities on the other side of the world are just sad little tragedies through our screens, such an end of the world These words are lyrics from a PIERROT song called REBIRTH DAY and they perfectly sum up the bizarre feelings I had while watching [But wait, there’s more!]

The Customized Landscape

Lemme be serious for a minute. So I'm in the car driving to work a couple months back and I've got Z100's morning show on because I, like so many working stiffs before me, need things to be dumbed the fuck down on a Monday morning. Anyway, Miley Cyrus comes on the radio. The song is "Party in the [But wait, there’s more!]