All good things must come to an end.

I’ve enjoyed my time with y’all, inu-tachi.

My life is moving on and away from this blog, Japanese rock music translations and any semblance of who I was. I loved writing here for so many years but now, I feel finished with it, with the past. I hope you see my work out there, feel the warmth of the light I shed, because I am going to sparkle up every dusty corner I find.

For now, I say to you goodbye and may your lives be full of miracles.

All of my love,


Social Suicide

Today I erased myself. Utterly.

No 'delete' keys were harmed in the making of this suicide.

No ‘delete’ keys were harmed in the making of this suicide.

I rid my life of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts and pages. This is not a cry for help or attention. It’s not a symbolic gesture. There’s nothing noble about this. It’s a simple matter of math. I was getting less than I was giving.

So I cancelled myself.

If you’re coming here to find out if I’m still alive, the answer is that I am.

Utau-Inu. That most SEO unoptimized url is my permanent home and will be until I am naught but bones. If you wish to continue to know me with any intimacy, outside of sharing dead skin now and again, this is the best way. My work will fly proudly here. My hopes will grow strong here. My dreams will pace restlessly here.

This is where I am no longer limited to 140 characters and I don’t care if you comment on or share or tweet or like anything I do. I just want to be me, and be seen. If you look in your heart, I think you’ll find the same is true.

Old Dog, New Tricks

How are you my lovely, inu-tachi?

It has been quite some time since I sat down to address the Singing Dog Nation and for that I apologize. I realize many people follow my work here hoping for a new Japanese song translation but I have nothing yet to share in that regard. When the bug bites, it bites hard but it hasn’t bitten lately. That could change.

After years of trying to master the art of telling people why they should read, buy, watch, listen to or otherwise consume something… I have grown tired of that stale one way discourse. Instead I’d like to just start talking and see where it goes. Instead of telling you that Tomb Raider is “a great third person action adventure” or “the best version of Uncharted yet,” I want to talk about how Lara Croft is really quite petite for an action adventurer. For shorter bursts of wit and observation I have added my twitter feed to the side. Tweeting is an art I have only just picked up and have yet to master but I’m willing to try it if you’re willing to read. That’s a terrible sales pitch but my point is, “follow me because I’m lonely and cold out there with nothing but my feathers to keep me warm.”

I just came back from Japan where I stoked the dying embers of my love for the place, and I want to share that with you. Soon. Always soon I say and then not a word. But again I say it anyway, soon.

So much to discuss, so little time not being tugged at by my adorable little girl.

Keep watch here for further interesting changes. I will.

My love to you all and I hope you and yours are safe and happy during these progressively dark times.



IWP Phase One: Complete

IWP is growing up.

Not only has Nick Strang-Wolf become “a regular cast member” but these new episodes from November and December, some of our best and weirdest yet, mark the end of an era. IWP has moved on from its rotation on the electronic community bulletin board and graduated to a place on our flagship news magazine show. That means every two weeks at the end of the program New Jerseyans everywhere can tune in for our latest adventures in the idiot realm and to, presumably see themselves “on the TeeVee!” IWP is now being shot in 16:9 widescreen 24p with a new scenefile that gives it a more cinematic look and feel. There’s a new open, a logo and lower thirds. It’s all a step forward even if I’ll miss some of the ideas we leave behind.

The biggest news of course is that I probably won’t be uploading future episodes here because soon our official Optimum Local website will go live and you’ll be able to watch new episodes as they become available from anywhere in the country. As with anything new, people are fearful and shaking torches at the new day’s dawn so who knows what content will get to the web and when. All I know is, I’m printing out 8 x 10 glossies as we speak and readying myself for “the crush” of adoring fans. Well, not really but I can’t wait till I can share this stuff with a much bigger audience. On to Phase Two!