Maya Goes to Yanticaw Park

We went for a stroll with Maya and it turned into one of the most adorkable videos I’ve ever cut. I used to love this Amuro Namie song when I was a younger man… but it was always missing something. Suffice to say, I’ve fixed it with the addition of Maya.

The Stewarts at Yanticaw Park from F is for Film on Vimeo.

This will be fantastic material to embarrass her with when she’s twenty.

Joie de Vivre

My friend Megan Crispini recently started a flickr page for her photographs

I know the temptation is to be a jaded asshole and say, “I’ve seen enough pretty pictures, thank you,” but I like Megan’s compositions and her excitement behind the camera translates into her work. I especially like the above photo. It’s like the beautiful blue sky is locked in the reflection.

Self Refraction

Self reflection doesn’t cut it.

We look at ourselves in the mirror every day and we’re none the wiser come bedtime. If anything staring at yourself only leads you to doubt and/or cherish everything about your life. It’s too much. It’s too broad and it avoids confrontation. The problem with reflection is that the process can only show us what we bring to it. When I’m feeling vain, I see my face aging. When I’m feeling slighted at work, I will see the reflection of a victim.

That’s not helpful and it leads to “venting” and “self pity.”

Our goal should be to see ourselves for who we are in that moment, and in that context. From both the best seats in the house and from the cheap seats in the nosebleeds.

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