I’ve been meaning to put this up forever. It’s vacation footage from 2012 cut to Otsuka Ai’s SMILY.

SMILY FLORIDA from F is for Film on Vimeo.

It’s fun to look back and remember how adorably chubby Maya was as a baby. My nieces, were right on the cusp of teendom too. That scene of them running into the setting sun was heaven-sent.


Note: I wrote this for my Grandfather (Bampa) for Christmas to go with a photo of our growing family.

I never had much use for math.
Numbers tell you one thing today
That’s entirely different tomorrow.

I used to believe one minus one equaled zero
But then we lost someone dear to us
And here we are,

at minus one.

When my wife and I met,
It was as two halves of the same whole
And together we became one

Following that math, adding one more
Should have made us two, or maybe three
but it didn’t.

It made us infinite.

Time marches past us, individually
But no matter how fast the hands run,
They can never out lap us as a unit.

Forever is in the palm
Of her tiny outstretched hands
As she reaches for stars

that are already hers.