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My name is Brian Stewart but I prefer to go by, Boo. I am a fabulous, foxtail-wagging, producer, videographer, editor and host of quirky, original content for the web, film and TV, currently employed as an editor on the Emmy-award winning food show, Restaurant Hunter on Fios1 in the NY Metro area.

My most recent credits include the feature length documentary, Rocky Horror Saved My Life (2018) and pilot episode for the movie review mash-up Everyone’s a Critic which streamed on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube Channel. I’ve also worked with a diverse clientele from international financial juggernaut, Credit Suisse, to cosplay personality and entrepreneur, YuffieBunny and her brand Head Kandi.

I’m currently making anarchist trash art for the YouTube channel Malarchy and creating video content under my personal YouTube account.

I cut my teeth in TV and web video journalism in Cablevision’s local news department where, over the course of 5 years, I created and launched the sensational New Jersey-centric food series, “Jo’s Jersey Eats” and the chic, urban “Interviews: With People” of which I was also the host.

Additionally, I also worked as a journalist with the website, and was the editorial director for the now defunct English language Japanese rock magazine, Purple Sky Magazine.

I’m a champion of fringe culture and I thrive when I get to tell a sincere, compelling story where no one was expecting one.

If you’re interested in my services as a videographer and editor, have questions or want to pitch an opportunity, please contact me at stewart37564 @ and put VIDEO in the title. 

My rate is highly competitive, reasonable and negotiable. Let’s talk and make some magic!




Jersey Eats – Ponzio’s from Boo Stewart on Vimeo.


What Isn’t Steampunk? from Boo Stewart on Vimeo.



Since 1999, when I first cracked the dictionary to decipher Malice Mizer’s Le Ciel, my partner in work as in life, Takako and I have been collaborating on English to Japanese translations of Japanese songs. At one time our website Centigrade-J housed over 1,000 translations. The archives are available here for anyone that wants to take a step back in time through Jpop music history. We’ve continued our work here at The Inu, but only as a passion project.  Both of us are working currently and our priority outside of our careers has been to make sure that our young daughter’s life is filled with as much wonder and whimsy as possible.

So, if you have a translation request, Contact us at stewart37564 @ Please put TRANSLATION REQUEST in the subject and include a scan or link to the source material when possible. 

Takako and I put a lot of love into our translations and will go to the moon and back to find the right phrase to capture the spirit of the original author’s intent. What we offer that cheaper or free alternatives don’t is 15 years of experience, personal attention and a fast turn around. Beyond just our accuracy, the combination of myself as a native English speaker born and raised in the U.S. and Takako as a native Japanese speaker born and raised in Japan, makes our work natural sounding. We both hold firm to the belief:

There is always a better way to say it. 



What’s there to know? I hate the sun. I like a well air-conditioned room with full surround sound and a 50″ plasma so my blacks are deep and my teeth reverberate with the sound of Amygdala’s bony claw as it smashes the stone floor. I like talking to people to incite their imaginations into revolt against their lethargy. I like getting drunk with friends and MST3King a bad movie. I like Davy Jones and the creature designs from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest even if I find the rest of the film a bit of a slog. I love life. I love my wife and my adorable daughter. I work everyday to make the most of it all. Oddly enough my mother’s advice about life pre-dates the Jersey Shore by 30 years, YOLO.

You only live once. Why waste time?

Bring art into life, my friends.