Emotional times on one of our last shoot days for the doc.

Fish Head, Cold Pan

Those who know me. Intimately. Savagely. Know that I always have a trippy poem in my lint-filled pocket that I often threaten to unleash on society at large. Today I make those idle threats move and release a video poem I call: Fish Head, Cold Pan.

Cost Breakdown:
0 dollars, 2 hours
Value: God’s Personal Toilet Hooch.


Fish Head, Cold Pan from Brian Stewart on Vimeo.


All good things must come to an end.

I’ve enjoyed my time with y’all, inu-tachi.

My life is moving on and away from this blog, Japanese rock music translations and any semblance of who I was. I loved writing here for so many years but now, I feel finished with it, with the past. I hope you see my work out there, feel the warmth of the light I shed, because I am going to sparkle up every dusty corner I find.

For now, I say to you goodbye and may your lives be full of miracles.

All of my love,