Toy Logic and Family Dynamics

My soon to be five year old daughter Maya has a habit of attaching a family dynamic to everything; toys, animals and even in some rare cases, inanimate objects like paper bags. What I mean by this is basically that she sees everything through the filter of our family structure; for all intents and purposes; a mom, a dad, a baby/child/Maya. For those without a child in their lives this can be confusing so allow me to translate for Maya.


This is Fluttershy, a magical pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This size is considered to be standard for the toy line.  …yay.


When Maya plays with this Fluttershy, she’s the same character from the show; kind, good with animals, meek but fiercely protective of her friends pony and animal alike.


Mini Fluttershy from a blind bag. 

This is also Fluttershy. When Maya plays with her she does so in the same way that she would the larger, standard sized toy.


Big Fluttershy and Little Fluttershy together. 

But put the two together and suddenly the “standard” Fluttershy assumes the role of Mommy and the littler Fluttershy assumes the role of “baby/child” or as my daughter often will do, her, Maya. Now there’s a personality shift. The little Fluttershy becomes less beholden to the show and her own character  where as the larger Fluttershy remains largely similar to her character.

My Little Pony is a particularly frustrating toy line because despite having a cast of hundreds to pull from across the 5 seasons of the show they mostly just recycle the “mane six” over and over again adding an accessory here or a sparkle there. When two of the same inevitably pop up, Maya will make them sisters or in rare cases, “an evil clone.” Truly, she is my daughter. At some point I do expect they will both be mommies as same sex marriages are not rare in New Jersey.


Applejack Family. 


Add a smaller Applejack to the group and Maya will interpret the group as a mirror of our family; Mommy Applejack, Daddy Applejack and Baby/Maya Applejack. So here, she has gotten fluid with the gender in order to squeeze the Applejacks into her normal family dynamic.


And then there’s this adorable abomination that will forever be alone. 


Not sure what happens when you start adding in alternate universe versions of the characters to the dynamic but there is a whole series of humanoid Equestria Girls dolls to consider and of course the plush universe, which seems to be mostly separated from the hard plastic “bath friendly” toys.

Super scientific conclusion: My daughter is cute and loves us a bunch.