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Boo on the Job

For those of you just joining us, Hi! I’m Boo, the owner and operator of as well as a professional producer, videographer, and editor of original film, web and TV content.

If you’re in the NJ metro area and are interested in acquiring my services as a videographer or editor, please follow this link to my bio page for more information as well as my contact info and credentials.


Additionally, many of you have been asking for years if we would consider taking requests for song translations again and that was never an option until now. Takako and I are happy to announce that we will be taking paid requests for song translations at a flat rate of $20 per song (which would also include the romanized version.) We realize that there are other (read: cheaper) options out there for song translations but what we offer beyond any of them is personal attention, professional conduct and speed.

There’s more info on this as well on the bio page.

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