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  1. Polochon

    I always said you’re a great person.
    Everyone who knows about Gabriel Knight (and loves it, but anyone who knows the game has to know it) has to be a great person.
    And the remake is great. Maybe easier than the first one, or it’s just that I have a good memory, not fond of the voice used when Gabriel is with Grace (kind of “scornful”, or such… not the good feeling), but all in all… I love the game. Just hesitating about going on, because Gabriel has just landed in Benin and I know what is to come…

    But Moebius was great too. Too short, some “technical lows” sometimes, but all in all a really nice adventure game. Cognition was nice though still one step beyond in nearly all aspects… but Jane Jensen was only “consulted” for this one. Just promoting “recent” adventure game, to sum up… and going to answer another post, which was my point at first.

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