All good things must come to an end.

I’ve enjoyed my time with y’all, inu-tachi.

My life is moving on and away from this blog, Japanese rock music translations and any semblance of who I was. I loved writing here for so many years but now, I feel finished with it, with the past. I hope you see my work out there, feel the warmth of the light I shed, because I am going to sparkle up every dusty corner I find.

For now, I say to you goodbye and may your lives be full of miracles.

All of my love,



  1. Meh?

    So, in one week, those happen :
    – WordPress now allows what was a real pain to do in .html and I didn’t want to do all over again for a new version of Dramatic Believers (but now I can do it with WP, woohoo!),
    – Pierrot announces a reunion for two concerts,
    – Boo stops his site and translations (meaning no more stupid extreme fans conversations)…
    (+ If you add a few weeks before, there’s the launch of my own music site about rock, metal or not, jrock or not, even classic will not be excluded… yeah, music is my life forever.)

    …Damn, that’s a bit too much for one single week!

    I hope to hear from you again, music related or not.

    Wishing you the best,
    -Cécile “Polochon”-

    • Hi Polochon! It’s been so long! I saw that PIERROT was back together again and it blew my mind because, well, I happen to know (from first hand accounts) that they had a very violent end and that many of the parties involved swore to never work together again. Time heals all, I guess!

      Congrats on the launch of your music site. Let me know what the url is!
      I want to thank you for everything! Your website was a great resource and your passion inspired us.

      I may have been premature in putting this dog to sleep, and I may return after some time away to get my personal and professional life back on track. You know me, always dramatic. Perhaps then I’ll have my own Neo Dramatic Anniversary. My own Re:Birthday? It seems inevitable.

      Much love form Takako, Maya and I.


  2. Polochon

    Just coming out of the second concert, and… let’s say there was an obvious “Aiji Against The World” during the two shows, especially the first one. At least he had a more professionnal attitude today and accepted the few times Kirito came around him… two moments stroke me most: on the first day, Aiji went to Jun’s side at some point and Jun (Jun!) didn’t look happy at all… the guy who always looks happy about everything looked upset! Yesterday again, at the very end, Kirito was at the center (as usual), Jun on his right (as usual), Kohta on the far left (as usual) so that Aiji could be on Kirito’s left (as usual, normally)… but when Aiji came to join everyone, he made Kohta switch places with him. Very (un)clever. Today, at the same moment, probably guessing what was about to come, Kohta came to Kirito’s left: when Aiji went to Kohta’s left, Kirito grabbed Aiji by the arm and made him come to his left… fortunately, Aiji didn’t move again, even though he didn’t look happy. Even for their very last words, everyone said some “personal” words, except Aiji who was like: “yeah, thanks for coming, it was a good concert, bye”… sure, guy, sure, you’re good at hiding your emotions actually, must be it.

    Anyway, a lot of words to say: I always had the feeling that it was mostly Aiji who wanted to continue with the “one-year-break”, Jun joined him so that he wouldn’t be alone and that’s it. But still, it’s in the past, everyone can have harsh words one day and think back on it after a while. Here… I’m starting to wonder if Aiji actually wouldn’t regret the tattoos on his fingers? As for me, I’m pretty sure I lost most of the respect I still had for him last night and tonight.

    So, yeah, I completely picture the “fight” you’re talking about. Kirito himself quite openly admitted it in his “Pierrot is spliting” message after all, if you read between the lines.

    …As for my music website no link yet, I’m still working on the definitive form (I’m a damn perfectionist who hates half-done stuff, and with only 24h in a day and an actual job to pay the rent and alikes… not easy!) Should be done by the end of the year though.

    Everyone needs a bit of a personal Re:Birthday sometimes, life would be boring otherwise. Let me know when yours starts!

    • That’s unfortunate about Aiji. I guess any hope for a proper reunion is off the table not that I thought there would be. Having seen Pierrot twice in concert, I remember their banter and camaraderie being a large part of the appeal for the live crowds so it’s disheartening to hear how fractured it was.

      I picked up Angelo’s last two releases and although I enjoyed FAITH, I can’t help feeling that the band is just sort of “noisy.” without a lot of depth or direction to their sound. Also Kirito is still hammering on the same themes he has since PIERROT dissolved without any of the precise targeting that typified that band. Maybe they need to work with a slick producer who can get them to think outside their box? PSYCHE is disappointing on a lot of levels. Then again, ANGELO has never seemed as live-wire dangerous as PIERROT did at their best. I guess it was a one in a million sort of deal that can’t be replicated.

      They’re releasing these concerts as a live album. What’s your take on that? Was there anything “lively” about their musical performance that would make it worth a purchase or did they pretty much stick to the script like they always did?

      As for me… I’ve been circling this place again looking for a spot to land. 🙂

  3. Polochon

    Ah! They made the live album official? I’ve seen it listed on CDJapan for a few weeks, but no official source said a single word about it, not to say that it looked like only CD Japan had heard the word…

    Anyway: There was definitely something “lively” about these concerts. They changed a few things on a few songs here and there, nothing huge but… if you know the songs, you notice it. And the general mood was more “oomph” than on album versions. Magnet Holic was an extreme: even more “destructured” than before, I needed a little while to recognize the song (and I -love- this one) (and I -loved- that version). They also played a few songs that they hadn’t played in a while, like Guernica: you have to go way back in their live dvds to find a version of these (and they were far less good muicians at the time, let’s be honest). There were also a few mistakes, that are always fun to notice, but as they played a few songs both nights, I’d bet they’ll pick up “the best version” for the album: not many mistakes.

    This being said, it probably shouldn’t be -the ultimate live album-: the crowd wasn’t so loud during these concerts, so you shouldn’t hear much “audience life” (which is always sad on a live album). Also, Kirito’s mind was somewhere else (probably ending Angelo’s album), and you hear it in his voice sometimes. Though I have no idea about how it will sound on an album. Maybe you’ll hear the few times when Aiji was playing strangely, as if he was trying to trick Kirito or whatever… or it will be corrected/lowered, no idea.

    All in all, the concerts were good and interesting, music-wise. Would it be only because most songs sounded more “OOMPH” than on album (if you get what I mean). Yet, I don’t think you should expect -THE- live album, because it probably won’t be.

    I’m actually interested on your thoughts about Psyche, if you don’t mind taking the time to elaborate. As for me I quite like it, but I’m into metal, I completely share Karyu’s influences, so… I do see where they are heading to, and I quite like it. Yet, it’s true that they sound a bit “childish” sometimes, and maybe the actual problem is that they should accept to take two years to elaborate an album, instead of only one. And I believe there is -no- album I like from the beginning to the end, from any band, every second of every song included: no exception here. Yet, at the end of the day, Angelo is and has always been a live band, far more than a “studio” band: if you have the occasion, yoou should give an eye (and two ears) to the “Faith (Something?)” dvd, their latest, I’d recommend this one over any Angelo album, a million times.
    (I’m starting to bring Dramatic Believers back to life: don’t hesitate to post on the forum, still, maybe it will be easier than here.)

    • I’m going to really dig deep into PSYCHE before posting thoughts, but when I do I shall post them to your forum and then we shall attempt to sound the church bell to the roaming PIERROT/ANGELO fans to summon them back for mass. Since Dramatic Believers went away there’s very few places to discuss PIERROT/ANGELO on the net. Seems like their legacy never took root like a Luna Sea or a Malice Mizer which is, let’s be honest, a war crime.

      Could it also be that since I stopped translating their songs and really ruminating on the meaning and intention long past reason that I’ve lost some of my emotional investment and appreciation? Possibly…

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