Social Suicide

Today I erased myself. Utterly.

No 'delete' keys were harmed in the making of this suicide.

No ‘delete’ keys were harmed in the making of this suicide.

I rid my life of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts and pages. This is not a cry for help or attention. It’s not a symbolic gesture. There’s nothing noble about this. It’s a simple matter of math. I was getting less than I was giving.

So I cancelled myself.

If you’re coming here to find out if I’m still alive, the answer is that I am.

Utau-Inu. That most SEO unoptimized url is my permanent home and will be until I am naught but bones. If you wish to continue to know me with any intimacy, outside of sharing dead skin now and again, this is the best way. My work will fly proudly here. My hopes will grow strong here. My dreams will pace restlessly here.

This is where I am no longer limited to 140 characters and I don’t care if you comment on or share or tweet or like anything I do. I just want to be me, and be seen. If you look in your heart, I think you’ll find the same is true.