1. anime otaku

    バンザーイ \(≧∇≦)/\(≧∇≦)/\(≧∇≦)/\(≧∇≦)/ キャァ♪
    thanks for the translation!!
    very good song for Angelo!


  2. jessica

    Interesting. From your explanation, I see how you could draw references to rape. My understanding of Japanese is nowhere nuanced enough to catch that. At first, I thought it was DNA bursting *from* the skin, but then I caught the “ni” particle and realized that probably wasn’t right.

    Here’s my question: Why does he make some of these darker songs so upbeat and catchy? The first time I heard it, I could at least catch most of the English, so I couldn’t help but laugh a little about singing so upbeat about “always feeling despair” and whatnot.

  3. I can’t speak for him but if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that Kirito likes the juxtaposition of positive and negative. Also, whatever this song is actually about, the narrator offers release from pain to someone who is suffering, which could be a positive thing? I ignored the line “birth cry full of warnings” when I interpreted it but that’s probably a baby right? The ultimate promise of the possibility of new life.

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