1. Sara

    I just watched the pv and the first thing I thought was, “Great… I bet there’s no translation for this. I wish Brain and Takako were still doin their thang.” And look what I found! <3 😀 Thank you very, very, very much!! I love Kirito so I would've tried to translate this on my own… but no body wants to see that. v.v; I think I have the Japanese skills of a toddler. (Mostly pointing and saying nouns. ;D)

    I did, in fact, read it as "Cavalry" in the pv title. 😛 "Calvary" makes way more sense after watching it.

  2. anime otaku

    A(*゚ー゚*)R(ー゚* )I(゚ )G( )A( ゚)T(* ゚ー)O(*゚▽゚*)ノ~☆

    very good song!!!
    and band!

  3. Ket

    yet another example of the Japanese teaching us English 😛 thanks so much. really wanted to find some translation for this song. r the italics what he’s saying in English? sorry Kirito but still can’t understand your English

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