Get Real

Sup proud men and women of the Inu Nation? I just wanted to drop a quick line about the updates over the last several days. In an effort to hone my storytelling skills anew, I’ve begun writing essays again. Every time I have the urge to facebook, I’ll come here instead. Hopefully, when I have time, I’ll put some of these creative impulses into my format of choice, video. But until then Uncle boo’s old fashioned words n’ jpegs will have to suffice.

You’ll notice that this new batch of oven fresh entries get a lot more personal and a lot more real than my previous ones. With child on the way, the time for hiding behind walls is over. Or wait… maybe it’s just begun? Peek-a-boo…

I also started translating the new albums by Mr. Children and Bump of Chicken. I’m committed to finishing each although Bump may kill me with all their time slip, self introspection nonsense magic!