1. My personal interpretation of the song is that it’s about how even though we meet each other later in life, we each have a history that informs who we are today. When you find someone you love and want to be with there’s a certain frustration that you can never know them as they were when they were a child -that in essence- you weren’t a part of them then. I see the central lines of the song as implying that “I wasn’t in your childhood memories, and you weren’t in mine” i.e. you weren’t there.

    I see the secret friend with a tail as a stray or a wounded animal that the singer befriended secretly, and then later when the animal is sick and or dying, he skips out of school early to try and go and help but when the animal dies he confesses and enlists his dad’s help to bury him.

    I don’t know if it makes any sense to someone who hasn’t lived in Japan but the final part of the song refers to the Sentai/Power Ranger type heroes who often have a live show or a meet n’ greet on the roof of department stores under the big balloons advertising the event. The image is of the singer as a little boy going to meet his hero with his parents.

    Another beautiful song.

  2. Fantastic work. At first I thought your chorus translation is a bit of a stretch, but no, it’s all so coherent. Great stuff.

    The only two things I would see different is the lines that talk about him and the girl.

    変わっていくのなら 全て見ておきたい 居なくなるのなら 居たことを知りたい When I listen to the song I see this part in more impersonal terms — not “we” or “you” but just general things. For me, he’s encouraging the girl to share with him everything from now on: “if there’s anything in your life that’s gonna disappear, I want to know it before it does”, that sort of thing. In order for it not to become but a one-sided, personal memory, buried deep down, just like the childhood dog. I do like your take on these lines, however, and I know, the verb points at a person (or a dog! ha.)..but that’s just what I thought.

    The other things is in the line when he says ここに誰が居たかっただろう それが僕にもなり得ること. For me, he doesn’t refer to “others” that wanted to be with her, but to himself from a kind of alternative, imaginary childhood past they spent together. He wanted to be here as somebody who knows all her history, who’s been there as well. But since it’s impossible, well, his present self will have to do, will “なり得る”.

    What a touching song. Cheers.

  3. Kat

    Oh wow! There’s an awful lot of emotion packed into those lyrics. I haven’t head the song yet and now I can’t wait. 🙂 Time to go youtube hunting…


    p.s. Where are my zombies?!! 😉

  4. Another quality translation as usual.

    To be honest, I wasn’t exactly too hooked onto the song when I first heard the radio rip, but somehow, after watching the PV and pairing it up with the lyrics, I soon found myself loving it.

    By the way, I read in an interview somewhere that the secret friend was a cat. That makes perfect sense considering that Fujiwara’s a cat person. Still, he never used the word cat as he wanted every listener to find their own meaning in the lyrics.

  5. Thank you all for the comments! You guys are the coolest.

    @ Double – Makes total sense cats are all over his work and there are probably more stray cats than dogs running around. I find Bump’s songs sometimes take a while to grow on me in general. I had the same reaction as you.

    @ Kat – Zombies is progressing slowly.

    @ duch – I actually suggested the “kawatteiku..” translation as you have it but Takako insisted otherwise. I think it’s a good idea to keep an open mind at that part of the song and keep the interpretation you like. That’s a good spin on the “koko ni dareka~” part too. I’m trying to work out why your take would make Fujiwara “so scared he can’t sleep” since presumably he has nothing to lose if the one competeing for “your” affections is an alternate version of himself.

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