Looking for Me? I’m Underground.

I’m the LAMPREY on the side of NEW YORK CITY’s tasty FRESH WATER TROUT. Been too busy sucking away its lifeforce for my own nefarious purposes to bring the love back to the Inu. F is for Film “season 2” is a monster that devours time like a black hole but it’s going to be killer stuff. Sharper, snazzier, and now featuring real live girls. While we’ve yet to hit on anything as cracked as a balloon sandwich tutorial, there is a dance sequence and muppet madness which is truly mad. Sorry for the lateness of the zombies. I haven’t had time (or made time) to polish the next two chapters which are basically written. too busy watching Twilight for the 7th time. This will be explained.

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  1. Good to hear you’re alive out there. I was beginning to think the zombies had dragged you away into their pit or um something. ~-^ If you’ve watched “Twilight” seven times you may wind up a mindless vampire/zombie critter, so be careful.

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