1. LOL!! That was hysterical. Who hasn’t felt like doing some of that on any given day? Thanks for sharing. ^-^

  2. Kitsune_Baka

    Although I’d guess you already knew, it’s a slam on the Westboro Retard Church, lead by Henry Kane look-alike, Fred Phelps. Lilly is Kieth Allen’s niece and he did this documentary kinda thing with them, hilarious stuff.

  3. I don’t see in any way how that promotional clip is a “slam” on the westboro anything. It’s just Lily getting her rocks off by smiting those who annoy her. Did you just really want us to see that clip? I mean, its’ funny but what’s the correlation exactly?

  4. kitsune_baka

    The wiki about the song says its about the BNP, (the brit equivalent of the conservative republican party) The video may look like a cutessie I-Phone commercial, but the lyrics of the -song- talk about a “crew” who “get kick out of being narrowminded” and say that it’s “not okay to be gay,” and how they are trying to “get approval from their father,” to me, that describes Fred Phelps and the WBC, and Kieth Allen is Lily’s father (not neice, lol I’m a tart). He is the one who did that nifty little documentary, Kieth Allen Will Burn In Hell and he remarks in the doc that Shirly Phelp’s daughters didn’t know about him, but they knew about Lily. (They’re also big Twilight fans, which is equally ironic…)

  5. I won’t say that this interpretation is untrue because I have very little background on this drama betwixt the conservatives and the Allens. However, I can present another interpretation which I can support. The original title of the song, when she debuted it on her MySpace Page was Guess Who Batman which stood for George W Bush and Lily said in her MC during the NYC show that this was the original intended target of the song when she wrote it although it has since evolved perhaps to include any and all hypocritical assholes including the British political party you speak of.

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